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Meet Candice Smith

Energetic. Competitive. Passionate. 

Her career in television began in the fourth grade…well kind of. In elementary school, Candice knew this was her calling.  Her fourth grade teacher, Ms. Gibson, assigned a class project where each student had to interview a classmate on a topic of their choice. Ms. Gibson would record the interviews on a VHS tape for the class to watch. Candice was so excited, she dressed in her "Easter best," a cream blazer and skirt combination. As far as the interview, she nailed it and the rest was history!

Candice used her love for interacting with people to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University. She used this time in school to not only work part time at Rack Room Shoes (feeding her shoe addiction) but to also grasp the skills needed to be a successful tv host, anchor and reporter.

In her final year at VCU, Candice landed her first TV job in 2013 as a part-time News Content Specialist which consisted of editing the evening newscasts. This role allowed her a foot in the door, that she would later completely knock down. Candice came to the station before classes to shadow the morning traffic reporter, go to class each day, then return each evening to edit shows for the evening news.

Shortly after, Candice began sending clips of traffic reports she recorded to the News Director each week. One day, it all paid off! She became the fill-in and weekend traffic reporter and began reporting on local events and festivals happening around town in 2014.

After just a short year, still working part-time and a new graduate, Candice landed a full-time position as a Digital Content Producer and Social Media Reporter in 2015. This dual role allowed her to report on trending topics, produce feature packages and maintain the lifestyle blog at the station. Candice would still regularly fill-in for morning and weekend traffic.

The following year, in 2016, Candice became the full-time morning traffic anchor. This position allowed her to focus on creating new and engaging traffic graphics and become a permanent member of the morning team. The morning show allowed her personality to shine whether it was getting viewers ready for their day, reporting on trending topics, or events happening around town.

Over the next couple of years Candice would continuously bring fresh and new ideas to the morning show. One of her biggest accomplishments was creating high school takeovers where she had the chance to highlight three Central Virginia high schools and essentially “takeover” each school and host their pep rally. Each takeover got bigger and bigger and it truly made Candice a prominent member in the community beyond the TV screen.

Her hard work and determination did not go unnoticed. In 2018, she launched a brand-new lifestyle show called 12 About Town Today. This show allowed Candice to give the community the chance to step in from of the camera.

From that fourth grade interview to now being a two-time Emmy Award Winning Traffic Anchor, Candice’s bright personality, unmatched work ethic and trendy fashion and style transcends effortlessly across all screens to a wide range of audiences. 






30 Under 30




Emmy Awards 2018

Awarded "Best Morning Newscast"

Richmond's 30 Under 30

Recognized as Richmond's Top 30 under 30.


Emmy Award 2019

Awarded "Best Morning Newscast"

12 About Town Today

Successfully launched local lifestyle show "12 About Town Today" focusing on community, food and entertainment

Richmond Family Magazine

Featured on the cover of Richmond Family Magazine following story and relationship with child battling brain cancer.

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